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If you have millions of pictures on your computer and you'd love to share them with your friends then know that there is a very simple way of sending many images in one: by creating a collage.

Collagerator is a piece of software that has been designed to create photo compositions, letting you easily create a whole mural by using a bunch of images. Do you want to collect a whole bunch of pictures from your friends to make a poster? Easy, simply run the program, choose the page size for your poster, and select all the pictures you want to appear in your creation.

Once you’ve done this Collagerator will automatically place all the images on the mural, but you'll still be able to move the pictures as you wish to make them bigger or smaller, rotate them or put one over the other. Plus, you can also add frames to your pictures and select the background you want for your collage.

Another great feature on this program is that it can adapt your creations to different sizes, from an A4 sheet of paper to an iPhone or iPad screen,

This tool is very useful for those who aren’t comfortable with complex design tools, such as Photoshop, when making mosaics. Collagerator was created with one thing in mind: help users obtains great results without complications.
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